Easy Tips to Keep Your PTAC Unit in Great Condition

Spring is in the air, which means that not too long from now, the temperatures are going to start rising. If you rely on a PTAC unit to keep things cool and comfortable when the weather turns hot, now is the perfect time to check it out and make any necessary adjustments.

Here are some simple tips that will ensure your Lion Aire PTAC unit is in great shape and will be ready keep you cool when warmer days arrive.

Check the Filter

Make sure you check the filter to make sure that it is clean. A dirty filter can cause several issues, such as compressor failure and poor performance. Cleaning the filter is simple: Just remove it, vacuum it and pop it back in. If the filter is really dirty, a little more elbow grease may be necessary; run the filter under water and wash it down with a mild dish soap. If the filter won’t come clean, you may need to replace it.

Make sure you check and clean your filter on a regular basis. Doing so will ensure that airflow isn’t blocked, which can compromise the efficiency of an nyc PTAC replacement.

Clean the Unit

PTAC units are exposed to the outdoors, which means that they are exposed to high amounts of dirt and debris, including pollen, leaves, mold and mildew. Take the cover off and pull out any debris that may be trapped inside the unit. Wipe down the unit with a solution of mild soap and warm water applied to a soft rag (make sure to wring out excess water from the rag.)

Debris like dirt and leaves can obstruct airflow or damage the components of the unit. Mold and mildews accumulated on the unit can end up circulating into the air inside your home. For these reasons, it’s important to make sure your PTAC is clean.

Inspect the Plug and Power Cord

Give the power cord and plug a thorough examination. Any breaks in these components can make for a very dangerous situation. While you’re doing this, check to make sure the plug fits properly into the power outlet. If the plug properly fit into the outlet, it could arc, which could start a fire.

Assess Seals

Check out the islandaire PTAC unit that presses up against the wall. Feel for any air leaks; if you feel any air blowing through, have the seal repaired. If there isn’t a proper seal, hot exterior air can leak in and cold interior air can leak out. If this happens, not only will comfort be impacted, but your unit will have to work harder to keep the interior air cool, which could damage the compressor.

Clear Drain Holes and Pans

Make sure that drain holes are clear and pans are empty. If the drain holes are clogged, moisture created by the unit will not be able to properly empty out. If the pans are full or clogged, water won’t have anywhere to go. In either case, you could be looking at messy drips.

If you have any questions about maintaining your ice air PTAC unit, or you notice that there are any issues that you cannot confidently repair, give us a call! We will gladly inspect your PTAC unit and make sure that it is working properly.